The Past Week

Well, I have been half deaf for the past week, my left ear is completely
blocked and nothing is helping. I actually thought that it would be good for
my meditations and practice seeing that I can't hear everything on the
outside, but it has actually been worse. I can hear myself swallow, and it
is loud, can hear my breaths which isn't such a bad thing, except that there
is a constant ringing in my ear and external noises are difficult to
distinguish and figure out where they are coming from, so it actually causes
my attention to be more focused on them. So much for that idea then, now I
just need to get my hearing back.

So what has been happening? Well, I finished the Meditation and Breath DVD
Workshop, finally. Most of the practical part I had to redo numerous times
because whilst taking the viewer through the practices and exercises I
didn't notice the noises in the background. I would then put them down for
editing and then notice all the annoying sounds. But it is there and done
now. Selling it R125, and if you would like to get a copy, just email me at

I also created a podcast which I put up this morning. Need to add it to
Podcast Alley, but will do that tomorrow. The first podcast is about the
DVD, covering some of the theory that can be found in there (but the DVD is
much better by the way). Of course I can't do the exercises in the podcast,
but the basic theory is down. The next podcast I will do is about the
Christos Technique, a method of putting someone into a dream state which I
learned when I was in my early teens, but have found very few people over
the years who have heard of it. Funny enough I found out recently that it is
actually a Kabbalistic method of Pathworking.

Apart from that, and as I mentioned there hasn't been much actual practice
done because of my damn ear, I have been sorting out the Used Book section
on one of my sites. Two dreams I have had whilst growing up, to become an
author and to own a Used Book Store, so now to work on the second dream,
although I won't neglect the first, I have way too much to write.

I had Class with my students today, we tried our hand at crystal ball
gazing, but unfortunately the room had too many things in which caused way
too many reflections so the results were not so good. Everyone did ask why
their eyes were getting so hot and watering though. We then spoke a lot
about Sacred Plants, always an interesting topic.

29 September 2009

7:15 PM - Burnt some Dittany of Crete today to do some visionary work.
Interesting stuff. I went into a deep trance state a lot quicker than usual.
Going to go and burn some more now with my dark mirror.

8:54 PM - Not much to report. I mixed some Syrian Jawee (Sweet Myrrh) and
Frankincense with the Dittany, but whilst gazing into the mirror and inner
voice asked me what I wanted to achieve. I said I wanted to enter in the
Inner Landscapes through the mirror, and got the reply, but you don't need
the mirror to accomplish that, nor do you need it for visions, and so
nothing will happen, and nothing did happen except me almost falling asleep.
So, I will just stick to my usual methods.

Catch Up

I have neglected my blogs this weekend, bad me. So, here is a catch up:


Pretty much uneventful actually. I was struggling to keep my eyes open most
of the day, so didn't manage to do very much. (Well that was easy enough).


Went to the Nursery and got some bags of compost to fill up the seed bed I
created outside the Work Room. Also got some Calendula seedlings and a
Jasmine. Been wanting a Jasmine for ages, now I just need to get Yesterday,
Today and Tomorrow, and then with those two and the Moonflowers, I should
have an incredibly fragrant garden. We then went to the tattoo artist so my
wife could get her new tat which was our daughter's name on her wrist. In
the afternoon I went to Outer Temple classes and I did a recap of meditation
and breathing with them, so we did the Mother Breath, Toning and Tuning the
Body and Pore Breathing through the hands. We ended with spontaneous singing
which is always interesting. We tend to feel very shy when doing spontaneous
singing as we don't know what will or should come out of our mouths. Even
when I am alone at home and doing it I feel somewhat inhibited because I
wonder if the neighbours can hear me. Not everyone is like this, but some of
us are. However, once you start spontaneous singing, just letting the sounds
flow from you and letting Power lead you, all inhibitions disappear and it
is very exhilarating. Oh, also ended up getting a few things for the Pan's
Gate shop, must update the site. Got a load of second hand books, some
incense (which has been seen), a goblet, candle stick, and I also got a
frame which takes two sheets of glass that slide in from one end. Was
thinking of created a Goetic Mirror with the frame. The one piece of glass
can be the dark mirror and then I can make sheets to slide in behind the
mirror that have the Goetic Spirit seal on it. Might be an interesting


Planted the Jasmine and Calendula, filled the seed bed and planted the
second batch of seeds. Got a few from the UK, planted them in seed trays a
few weeks back and nothing happened. Always happens like this, the trays
drain too quickly so seed trays are a no go with me. If I just through the
seeds in the ground, they grow, otherwise, nada. So, because I had only used
half the seeds, I planted the rest. Got Mandrake, Mugwort, Wolfsbane, Sweet
Cicely and Spearmint and Peppermint. Hopefully these one's will grow. I also
sowed the Mugwort and Sweet Cicely around the garden to be sure. Put some in
the compost soil, some in sandy soil and some in normal soil. Got some more
Frankincense for the shop also.


Not a very exciting day. Got up, checked email, had a smoke or three and
coffee and then went out to my Work Room and did my morning meditations.
Spent the morning watching the rest of The Stand by Stephen King which I
hired yesterday, and then did some work and been feeling nauseas the whole
afternoon. I did buy a frame to make a magick mirror, so will be doing that
over the next couple weeks. The method I am using is a little different to
most. Instead of painting the backside of the glass (although I also have
this style), I am placing a piece of black fabric inside which also flaps
over to cover the mirror when not in use. The fabric itself will be soaked
in a fluid condenser. All frames are plain and matt black to reduce any
distractions. That reminds, will also be selling gold tincture and a simple
fluid condenser for those interested in Frans Bardon's work.

24 September 2009

6:19 AM - Ah back on track, did my morning meditation, yichud* and
taijiquan. Feeling much better now.

8:19 PM - Spent the afternoon at Emmarentia Dam with good friends and
company. It's amazing how exhausting sitting around in the sun doing nothing
can really be though. Got back earlier, just been emailing and playing with
the guinea pigs.

9:10 PM - Attempted a Merkavistic descent into Yesod again tonight. I go too
deep into a trance state by the time I get there so I keep flitting in and
out of consciousness and getting bombarded with visions, usually people and
faces, although I did get an image of a wrought iron bracket of some kind
that had a design of a thistle on it. Don't know what it means but I also
don't want the visions any more, they are distracting. Although I must say,
from the point of view of the visions I can hold on to an image for a longer
period of time now. Previously it would be a case of faces flying in and out
of my vision and no control over what I could watch, so I rarely remembered
anything, only that I was seeing faces. Having coffee now to bring me back
down to earth J Biggest problem with doing this is that I finish feeling a
bit otherwise, but once I have my feet again I am wide awake so can't sleep
for a while.

*The yichud I do is called Taking on the Name, described in The Book of Self
Creation by Jacobus G. Swart as such:

".the use of a custom like "Taking on the Name" facilitates the "drawing
down" (hamshachah) of a powerful current of "Divine Force" (Avir/Ruchaniyut)
from the Source, the Eternal Living Spirit, from your "Infinite Point of
'Is'-ness." Each time you repeat the practice, a quantity of this Spiritual
Force is drawn into your own being until the self begins to transform, and
is liberated from anxieties, repressions, constraints, and ailment. When
this transformation is achieved, one is able to communicate this Divine
Power to anyone and anything you may encounter in your daily life."

If you are in South Africa, Jacobus' book can be found at otherwise go to

23 September 2009

7:59 AM - Interesting morning. Apparently Donnette Davis who has set herself
up as a literary agent has been talking behind my back and being rather
unprofessional by saying that I am not trustworthy and my authors will not
be able to sell internationally or get their books on Very
interesting indeed as I can take orders and post from South Africa, but have
chosen to add the books to in order to reduce postage costs from SA
for the international buyers - which
is specifically for my authors (I still have my own Lulu store for my own
works which was started before Red Path Publications came into being - ). Apart from anything, Lulu is not all
that important, it is merely a means to an end. So, Donnette Davis, who
seems to have a hoard of time on her hands to play multiple Facebook
applications, get your facts straight.

4:45 PM - On one of my Yahoo Groups, Book of Shadows and Grimoire
Collection, we have a very interesting fellow, Bob the Minister. The first
post he made after joining was to let everyone know that he is a Wiccan (or
wiccian as he calls it) Minister who was ordained by the ULC (Universal Life
Church). Now if anyone has heard of the ULC, it should raise some eyebrows.
Although I do know some people who have been ordained by them and are in
fact good upstanding folk who know their stuff, ULC poses a problem in that
they ordain people they have never met or tested the knowledge of. It is for
free, done via the internet and you are promised ordination in a few days if
not before. What does this mean? Anyone, even the most irreligious person,
can become an legally ordained minister or reverend. Do you see the problem?

Anyway, this Bob the Minister who claims to be Wiccan, states that there is
only one God and Goddess and the Goddess is Mary...yup, Mary Magdalene. Now
I have no problem with people worshipping Mary as their Goddess, but not if
they also proclaim to be Wiccan. Wicca is a somewhat formalized religion
with certain tenets that need to be followed, and Mary as the Goddess does
not fall into what Wicca is. A few of us on the group have asked him to
explain himself but he seems to like ignoring those requests, but still
posts comments to people and EVERY time he does, he has to mention he is a
Minister. I don't care if he is the Pope, if you are being questioned about
the information you are sending out there, then you reply and you set your
name straight. Oh, he also claims to know Ray Buckland and Ann Moura, so if
they by any remote chance are reading this, do you know Bob the Minister,
also going by the names Rev. Robert Boldman Wolf, Rev. Robert E.
Boldman-Wolf and Dikkar. He teaches an internet class in Wicca, does
handfastings and, as he calls them, Wiccanickings.

Probably still a bit more ranting and raving before we get back to our
regular viewing, so bear with me.

8:47 PM - Well not much ritual again tonight, at least not the intended
Merkavistic work I was intending to do. Neighbour's music is too loud, most
probably their end of term celebration. But at least I got to do some
overtoning which I always enjoy.

22 September 2009

3:36 PM - Crushed some chunks of Sweet Myrrh that I got in the package from
Jillian in the UK. Man does it smell good. Will need to burn some later in

4:21 PM - Been sorting out some stuff in the Work Room. Have got some
incense for sale at R15 per packet, as well as the Dittany of Crete for
R9.95 per 10g (not easy to get in South Africa I must say, I tried every
source I had and nothing, so I got 500g in stock), and I have also made Gold
Tincture which is mentioned a lot in Franz Bardon's work in regard to the
fluid condensers.not sure what price to put on that, so will have to come
back to.

Still need to finish the Meditation and Breath Workshop video. I keep
recording sections and then having to redo them because of some or other
foreign sound in the background (such as a plane or the ice-cream truck),
but I at least have the advert done, so can upload that to YouTube soon.

8:23 PM - Well, ended up a friend's house, just got back and am exhausted.
Off to bed early, no ritual tonight.

Payment Blues

I find it completely amazing when people rush you for work and then when you ask for payment you don’t get a reply. This has happened so many times lately, but two prime examples are a website I did at the end of July and some working drawings for an alteration to a house, this past week.

In the first case I did the website in roughly a week. After being promised payment by 8th Aug, I am still waiting, and what is the date today? Oh, 22nd Sept.

In the second case I was asked to work this past Sunday, which I did, and through Monday, yesterday, with an invoice already having been put in for the previous weeks work. When asked if weekly payments would be okay, I got the answer, yes, of course. Now that the work has been completed you would expect no problem with payment, but alas. I smsed the client this morning to ask for payment, and 4 hours later, I have no reply. So, he has his work, and what do I have? Bugger all, again.

Of course there are some people who are honest, respectable, and do in fact pay when asked without question and promptly. One of them is in regards to the site I am busy with, which I will add a link to when all is done.

Just felt like a bit of a rant. Although I haven’t even gotten started on the Carina saga….

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But whilst my pagan views may be lovely to me and mine,
They are not for all who do not walk the same line.
For if I speak of splendid copulations,
Will I be met with adverse stipulations?
What of the Queen and her Horned Consort?
Should I rephrase after some retort?

Ah, but as the life ebbs and flows,
As the egg and seed meet with the Cross,
How can I remove the blows,
That make so many form such terrible dross?

You see, I was born from womb,
Many times have I been here and there,
And if it were not for Nature's loom,
I would have remained with simple stare.

For from the womb of my mother,
Was I then born of another,
As the Devil and the Whore,
Created me from their Lore,
For if it were not for Divine Orgasm,
The Cosmos would be in a constant spasm.

Workshops available

I have set up a series of Workshops which will repeat each month. These are available in Johannesburg, South Africa although I hope to have them on video soon. To find out more details go to

Meditation and Breath
Two of the most important aspects of any spiritual path are meditation and breathing techniques. These are the practices that bring good health and relieve stress, practices that prepare us and take us into the alternate realities that we strive for as magicians, also practices that are often neglected because they are made to be tedious. However, meditation does not need to be a lengthy process to attain tranquility, as tranquility can be met with quickly, and breathing techniques are greatly misunderstood because we feel we don’t need them as we breath every day. This Workshop teaches you techniques to reach those levels that you are striving for, and why we really perform these practices. Although it is greatly presented from a Kabbalistic point of view, the knowledge and techniques taught in this Workshop can easily be applied universally.

Sigil Craft
Learn how to create Sigils and charge them. This Workshop discusses the older methods of sigil creation/image magic, and then goes through a step by step demonstration of how to create your own Sigils and launch them from a Chaos Magick standpoint.

Sacred Space
Learn about different methods of creating Sacred Space from various traditions and paths, attributions of the directions from both Traditional Pagan and Ceremonial angles, and how the Space is used as a Compass. We then go on to how the Kabbalistic Cross is performed correctly in conjunction with the Cosmic Circle, and the basic Kabbalistic Sacred Space creation is demonstrated.

Hoodoo you do?

After being interested in Hoodoo rootwork for some years, I have now started making Hoodoo powders and oils. If you are familair with Hoodoo folk magic you will know that this African-American practice pulls no stops. Anything you need can be accomplished by obtaining the correct powder and "laying tricks" in the correct manner. So what, when given the opportunity to increase their life and bring abundance, are people wanting? Apparently we live in a recession, and so I would think that people would want ways to increase their income, get a promotion, increase sales in their business, but no, people want to attract love, but not just any love, the love of particular people. People who follow Wicca often warn against this type of action. If you make someone fall in love with you, then you are forcing the will of another which they say is against the Wiccan Rede. Well nobody is perfect and not everyone is Wicca. However, I personally think that if someone is going to create a situation where a particular person falls in love with them, it is not true love and so they are filling a hole with an empty promise. However, even when talking to these people and doing my best to talk them out of doing that which they want to do, i.e. force someone to fall in love with them, they still insist on the spell work. Do I then provide the service? Yes. I'm not going to make decisions for other people and we are all responsible for ourselves. If I start to become responsible for every person who comes to me asking and sometimes begging for help, I would probably become a nervous wreck. I have decided to provide a service. If a plumber thought that you shouldn't put your toilet in a certain position, just because he felt it was the wrong place, would he refuse to do the job if you then insisted on putting it in the place you wanted it? People need happiness, whether that comes in the form of money or love, it doesn't matter. And who is to say that the person who is "forced" into loving someone, is not happy? Ask them, I bet they will tell you how happy they are.