Memoirs of a Heathen (red_oak_za) wrote,
Memoirs of a Heathen

The Bitch

At the moment my father-in-law is in hospital. Now, whenever the family gets togather during such an event, there is always a good chuckle about his sister, Nettie. If you have X wrong with you, she had the same thing, twice as bad. The amount of operations and ailments this woman must have had should be recorded in Guiness. The latest is that she had 5 pints of blood removed. When she got to the car, she fainted. Well, considering you only have 5 pints of blood in your body, it's a wonder they didn't wheel her straight to the morgue. Why did she have 5 pints of blood removed? So that she could mix it with the soil under her roses to make them grow better. Wierd woman.

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