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December 16th, 2009

Tarot Book Now Available

Let the Tarot Talk to You by Fire Dragvenaz is now available at http://pansgate.co.za for R180, and http://stores.lulu.com/pansgate for $24.25

“If you interested in the tarot and especially learning the tarot, you are going to find this book excellent. I have to say, of the books I have read on the tarot, this one outweighs them. Apart from the excellent interpretations of the cards themselves, it includes discussions about the history of tarot, and breaks the nonsense that is often believed about their origins and use. It also has a look at the use of playing cards as a divinatory tool and you will also be taken through the process of finding your archetypal and higher self cards which then relate to your year card. Having performed the exercises for this as I was reading the book, I found the interpretations of my past couple years to be exact, so it was rather interesting to find out what 2010 is going to be like for me. All in all, an incredibly good book and I highly recommend it.”

I am also busy putting together her second book which is an indepth look and explanation of candle magic. I am hoping to have this out within the next two weeks.

So, support a South African Pagan author and get yourself a nice Solstice present.